Sustainable Housing in Italy, Turin. Project by Raiteri Marfà Arquitectura.


Project: Hotel for Artists


Location:Turín, Italy



Villa Altissimo, which has been expanded and restored, is located to the east, on the wooded slopes of the hills that hug the city.

For more than three centuries, the Residence has been looking at Turin with placid indifference. It is an oasis of peace, close enough to the city to enjoy the view, far enough not to be tainted by complexity and frenzy.

Looking at Turin from Villa Altissimo is like contemplating a pulsating image of life: you can see its events and tensions, be moved by them, but remain far away, protected by pictorial fiction.

In fact, the Villa was born in the mid-18th century as a place of retreat from court life, as a parenthesis of relief from the complexities of official affairs and institutional protocol. Since then, history has been flowing with its events: a kingdom arose and, in turn, was eclipsed. Turin is no longer the capital of Italy and the monarchs no longer tread its streets, but the palaces of those that were once the court and entourage of the Savoy remain. They are imposing containers that were often emptied of all their functions, but still stand out for the charm and solemnity with which they were built back then. A charm and solemnity that are valuable today, ideal for reflections on the project that the competition aims to investigate.

To develop a contextualized project aimed at proposing useful solutions to customers. Different schools of architecture have written and philosophized on how we should intervene or add to existing architecture like that of Villa Altissimo, but a consensus was never reached between their points of view. While some endorse a pastiche integration of the new within the old, others speak of an architecture in which various styles from different periods can coexist and intertwine, creating symbolism and different layers of meaning. In Turin we have decided to mix both concepts and give certain spaces a very present classicism and in others a touch of intense modernity.

The intervention in Villa Altissimo is divided into 3 parts:

- The first focuses on the lower part of the architectural complex, defining spaces such as an artistic meeting, an exhibition, open-air creative spaces and a small spa connected to the rooms.

- The second focuses on the existing block, turning it into the area of apartments and rooms where artists can rest, create and display their art both in their rooms and in the upper part of the block, a space dedicated to making and exhibiting art.

- The third takes center stage in the mountains, providing a space to relax and create surrounded by nature through cabins that disappear among the trees and distort reality.

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