• Unbeatable! young team with new ideas!

  • Professionals!! They designed my house and it was spectacular! I would work with them again!

    Andreea Gonzzales
  • I remodeled my apartment with this group of architects, all very correct, with very good ideas, consulting with me my needs to make a design according to these. In the end, me, my family and even my friends are all very happy with my choice. Fully recommended.

    Samuel Ascaso
  • Very professional team, they have listened to my proposal and they have answered me with something much better than what I could imagine. Incredible result, I will definitely contact them again.

    Fran Garcia
Single-Family Home, Sarriá - Raiteri Marfà Arquitectura Project

Single-Family Home Building

Luxury at the best price

We offer the best team of: Architects, Engineers, Industrialists and Operators with the highest specific quality for each project and at the best price guaranteed.

That is because we have a very wide network of contacts in the world of construction specialized in single-family housing .

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Single-Family Home Remodeling - Raiteri Marfà Arquitectura Project

Single-Family Home Remodeling & Renovation

Change the image of your home

Want to remodel or renovate your home? You are in the perfect place. Raiteri Marfà Arquitectura makes comprehensive remodeling of single-family homes leaving your place better and more sustainable than before.

We make a spectacular design of your home making the most of it. However, always focusing on your needs and priorities. That is why, we choose the best interior design and decoration for your home.

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Remodeling of a flat in Barcelona - Raiteri Marfà Arquitectura project.

Raiteri Marfà Arquitectura project

Home Remodeling in Barcelona

Raiteri Marfà Arquitectura has carried out a reform of the kitchen, dining room, living room and study of a 250m 2 apartment, located in Ganduxer street, Barcelona.

It was about changing the understanding of space and the relationship between the kitchen and the living room of the house.

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+34 634 577 036
+34 634 577 036

How we work

From start to finish, we accompany you with the utmost professionalism and the greatest guarantee.



Contact us or make an appointment and explain us your project. We are ready to listen your project in detail.



We provide you with an initial quotation that is ideal for your situation.


Project design

Project design + final itemized quotation.


Project redesign

Redesign of the project adapted to YOUR needs and preferences.


Start of works

Once the design and redesign of the project is finished, we start the construction work as soon as possible.


Monitoring of works

Raiteri Marfà Arquitectura's team monitorize and track all the construction work to give you the best results possible. Moreover, you can spot us on the location to see how we work.


Completion of works

Our work is dynamic and fast. For this reason, we finish the construction work as soon as possible.


Key Handover

We give you the keys of your new house! Congratulations and thank you very much for working with us :)

Why choose us?

We are young, with a lot of energy and dedication that provides the customer personalized attention.

All the work we do stand out for reasons such as speed of execution, quality of work, permanent communication with the client, efficiency and above all the sensitivity that we put into each project to generate a concept that approximates a work of art.

In addition, we help you make decisions that save you money and time.

Receive personalized treatment for your project!

Other services

Housing Promotion

Do you think you have an interesting project? We help you to promote it so that all your homes have more demand and easy sale.

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Home building

We build modern and rustic houses. We mix the art of architecture and the technique of construction to create and design home that is identifiable to your preferences and needs.

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Home Remodeling & renovation

We remodel & renovate your home with the aim of changing the image of it and improving your bond with your home. You can see an example of our work in this link.

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Commercial Remodeling

Do you want to attract more and better customers to your store? We believe that we can help you make it happen.

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Change of uses from housing to commercial premises

We do the complete study of your home and we provide you with the best solution. We take your vision into account, for this reason we are willing to listen to you.
After that we plan and build the best commercial place for you.

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Change of uses from commercial premises to housing

If you are not satisfied with your commercial place and you think you can get much more with a house. We look for a solution and help you until the end of reaching an ideal house.

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